Word 2016 in Windows printing embedded images zoomed in and cropped

One Windows user ran into an issue in which embedded images in a Word document would appear fine in the print preview but then would print zoomed in and cropped. In other words, the area on the printed document where the image should be is the same size as the image should be but only part of the image is printed inside that area but zoomed in and pixelated.

In this situation, saving to PDF would allow the user to print it properly.

Someone else online had a similar situation and was able to fix it by adjusting the dpi of the original images.

Turns out the fix was even easier than that: the documents had been created in an older version of Word, and they were saved as .doc files. Once the user saved them as .docx, everything printed just fine.

3 responses to “Word 2016 in Windows printing embedded images zoomed in and cropped”

  1. I work only in Windows 10, Office 2010. Always use .docx file names. Still have this problem. I think I got rid of the problem briefly when I tried Office 365 (service), but I didn’t like Office 365 and uninstalled it. Still looking for a good fix for Office and Word 2010.

    • I have also the same issue with word and excel, both shows print preview perfectly but printing in printer or as pdf show the same problem

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