Getting Wabbit Emu to work on a Mac retina display


Huge shoutout to @damienbarrett on the Mac Admins Slack Team for the fix. I’m just documenting it here, in case anyone else runs into this problem and is searching for the solution.


You launch up Wabbit Emu and try to run your TI-## calculator ROM, and the onscreen buttons don’t match up with what’s actually happening on the emulated screen. For example, you might click the Clear button and see the number 1 appear instead.


First, quit out of Wabbit Emu completely (Cmd-Q).

wabbitemu01 Right-click on and select Get Info.

wabbitemu02 Scroll down a bit until you see four checkbox options. Check (or tick) the Open in Low Resolution box, and then close that window.

Now when you open up WabbitEmu, the appropriate onscreen buttons should work.

Scripting it

If you want to script this change, check out pudquick’s Python script to set LSHighResolutionModeIsMagnified. You may have to modify it, of course, since it uses TextEdit as an example app:

lowres_app_path = u’/Applications/
lowres_app_id = u’org.revsoft.WabbitEmu
Then you can drop it in as a login script (via Outset, for example).

Just keep in mind that after the script runs, the user will have to log out and log back in again for the change to take effect.

5 responses to “Getting Wabbit Emu to work on a Mac retina display”

  1. Thank you! Thank you! My good old Wabbitemu is working again. I upgraded to MacOS Catalina, and couldn’t make my onscreen calculator do anything. This totally fixed it. Such a useful tool for teaching my tutoring students how to use the TI-84. Thanks again.

  2. Any updates on the new macbook update? My calculator used to work but now it’s doing the 1’s thing as described in here. When I right click to select low resolution box, it’s no longer an option. All that’s available to click is “prevent app nap” and “locked”.

  3. I have a new iMac and it does not give me the “low resolution” option. Only “prevent app nap” and “locked”. Can anyone help?

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