Using Managed Software Center to install software

If you’ve just installed Managed Software Center (you may have heard someone in the tech department call it Munki), you may not know how to use it. One major use for MSC is to install software.

Launch up Managed Software Center. You’ll find it in your /Applications folder, but you can also keep it in your Dock for easy access.

You should see a list of approved and pre-packaged software. All the software you see listed you can install by simply clicking Install (no wizards to click through, no icons to drag, no serial numbers to enter).

In this example, we’re installing PowerTeacher Gradebook. Notice how, after you click Install, MSC will already let you know the software is Downloading.

You don’t have to monitor the progress of the download, but if you want to, you can click on the Updates tab at the top to see how the installation is going in the background.

P.S. Most software will just install, and that’s it. For PowerTeacher Gradebook, you’ll see a Gradebook First appear on your desktop once it’s installed. Double-click that, and Gradebook will be fully initialized.

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