Using OpenSnoop with process names that have spaces in them

opensnoop is a command-line tool that comes preinstalled with Mac OS X allowing you to see what's being modified in your filesystem. If you Google some tutorials on it, you'll see that you can track a particular process name like Safari with code like

sudo opensnoop -n Safari
but if you try to do it with a process name that has a space in it, like Google Chrome, you'll get a token too large, exceeds YYLMAX error.

The only fix I could find for it was in Italian. Here's the original page, and then here's the Google Translate (to English) version of that page.

It involves editing the actual binary file, so make sure you back it up first. If you edit it using nano, you can use the -B parameter to make an automatic backup first:

sudo nano -B /usr/bin/opensnoop
and then you're just changing these lines
inline string PATHNAME = "'$pathname'";
inline string NAME = "'$pname'";
to look like these lines instead:
inline string PATHNAME = "'"$pathname"'";
inline string NAME = "'"$pname"'";
You should then be able to run process names that have spaces in them. For example,
sudo opensnoop -n "Google Chrome"
sudo opensnoop -n Google\ Chrome

Error 0x80070190 when activating Microsoft Office 2010

Had this happen once on a Windows machine. Microsoft has several solutions outlined at When attempting to activate Office 2010 receive error "An unspecified error has occurred. Your request cannot be processed at this time. Please try again later. (0x80070190)"

The one that worked for me was 3. Change the UserOperations key under HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\Software\Microsoft\OfficeSoftwareProtectionPlatform to have a value of 1.

YouTube redirect loop when creating a channel

If you have new users (that's right—new) trying to create a new YouTube channel and then running into errors...

... like this...

... or like this.

Lots of people have run into this issue, and there many proposed guesses (but no consensus) as to what's the issue and what's the fix:
My Channel and Create Channel are stuck in Infinite Redirect Loop!
Youtube Login Redirect Loop Error
Fix a "redirect loop" on youtube?

I can't say the following procedure will always fix the problem, but the one time I ran into this issue, this was the fix that worked.

Click on your profile picture on the top-right, then click the gear icon to go to YouTube settings.

Then, click on Advanced.

Then click Delete channel.


Check I understand that the following will be permanently deleted and can't be restored and then click Delete channel.

Confirm you want to delete the channel by clicking Delete channel.

Keep in mind once you delete a YouTube channel, Google won't let you delete another one for a long while (there doesn't seem to be an agreed-upon amount of time before you can delete again—I've read anywhere between a week and a month), so choose your YouTube channel name wisely!

Windows Explorer and Disk Management reporting different partition sizes

I ran into an issue with a user running Windows on a Mac. Windows should have taken up the entire drive (which is 250 GB), but Windows Explorer was reporting about 90 GB.

The really odd thing is that within Disk Management itself, it reported 90 GB on top (same as Windows Explorer) but then 250 GB on the bottom... and no empty space after the partition.

I found the solution here:
I Expanded the Disk in Disk Manager but It Doesn't Show in Windows Explorer

Launched up cmd.exe as administrator and then ran

List Volume
select volume 0
extend filesystem
and then it was all good.

Troubleshooting Mac “printing – printer is in use” error

I haven't seen this a lot, but it's common enough that you can find it in a Google search. Here are some of the top results:

I recently came across this situation with an HP printer, and I thought resetting the printer system was a bit extreme (especially since the user who brought it up had about six or seven printers installed that would have to be reinstalled).

I tried removing the printer and re-adding it. Same problem.

I tried adding the printer to my computer (to see if it was a problem with just the user's configuration or if the printer itself was having issues). I got the same problem on my computer, too.

I went through the HP menus to print out the printer configuration page. It spit out a backed-up print job before printing the printer configuration page, but not all of the backed-up jobs came out, and the "printer is in use" error persisted for both me and the user I was trying to help.

I waited a bit and then saw a message on the printer to hit the checkmark button. I hit it again, and all the backed-up jobs came out and the error went away for both me and the user.

So I don't know if that will always be the solution, but I'd at least give that a try before resetting the printing system.

Reset Printing System on Mac

If you're having printing issues with multiple printers (not just one or two), you may want to reset the printing system (Warning: this will remove your installed printers, and you'll have to install them again).

Go to System Preferences.

Select Printers & Scanners.

Right-click on a printer and then select Reset printing system....

Re-add the printers.