Filling out a Google Form from the terminal using the curl command

Cheating a bit here by just linking to someone else's blog post, but it's very well written, with screenshots and different colors. Why reinvent the wheel? Here it is: Submit Google Forms By Curl Command

Toggle Allow apps downloaded from anywhere

There's a setting on Mac OS X for allowing apps to be installed from anywhere or only from signed developers. If you want to automate changing this setting via terminal command, this is how you do it. sudo spctl master-enable sudo spctl master-disable The spctl command is even more versatile than that. More details at […]

Using a terminal command to disable App Store automatic checks

If you want to automate disabling the App Store auto check, the terminal equivalent of System Preferences > App Store > Automatically check for updates is sudo defaults write /Library/Preferences/ AutomaticCheckEnabled -bool falseThis is handy to know in case you're managing updates a different way (e.g., Munki) and don't want your users pestered with update […]

Enable duplex printing via terminal command on a Mac

If you want to enable duplex printing via a terminal command (e.g., trying to fix a bunch of already-installed printers with duplex disabled, and you want to fix that with a script), first you have to figure out what parameter to change. On one Mac with the printer installed, find the printer via System Preferences […]