PowerSchool custom pages and REGEXP_LIKE

In general, if you test a SQL query in SQL Developer against your PowerSchool database, that same SQL query should work in a PowerSchool custom page using ~[tlist_sql][/tlist_sql]. It does not, however—I discovered just now—work if you include a REGEXP_LIKE as part of your query. Will work fine in SQL Developer... just not in a […]

Getting GPA methods into a PowerSchool custom page that uses tlist_sql

Acknowledgements: the actual genius of this workaround approach (including the important snippets of code) is from Adam L. on the PowerSource forums (you can search the forums for a thread entitled "tlist_sql and GPA methods").I find ~[tlist_sql] handy for doing reports out of PowerSchool, because it's transparent (someone can look directly at the page code […]

Using text variables in tlist_sql queries in PowerSchool

On custom pages in PowerSchool, you have the option to use something called tlist_sql to run SQL queries on your PowerSchool database. Sometimes, you can insert variables in your query. I've had good luck with SQL queries using built-in variables that are essentially a number: ~[tlist_sql; SELECT t.Name, to_char(st.Test_Date, 'MM/DD/YYYY'), st.Grade_Level, ts.Name, ts.Description, sts.NumScore, sts.studenttestid […]

Creating a custom page in PowerSchool for a .csv export

Even though teachers can easily get their own class lists out as an export from Gradebook, and you can also use DDE (Direct Database Export) to get such a list out after having selected the group of students, I thought it'd be nice to have a page that's dedicated to get a .csv out of […]

Making PowerSchool custom pages useful for sophisticated reporting

If you don't want to use PDO on a WAMP server to connect to and report from your PowerSchool database, you may still want to do some sophisticated reporting from PowerSchool's custom pages. Unfortunately, custom pages is a bit of a coarse tool that's also not well documented (in terms of sophisticated reporting—simple reporting has […]

Using PDO on a WAMP server to run PHP reports from PowerSchool

SQL Developer Queries General ODBC Access 🙁 WAMP and PDO Prerequisites Strongly Consider Using SSL Install Drivers Use PDO to Connect to Database This may be a niche setup, but I'm going to try to document it here, in case anyone else is interested in how this gets done. SQL Developer Queries If you are […]