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  • Allowing non-admin Mac users to resume printers

    Apparently, more recent versions of CUPS do not allow by default for non-admin users to resume a printer. I’m not sure the logic behind this. Disabling? Activating? Sure. Non-admins don’t need to do those things. Why shouldn’t a non-admin resume a print job, though? Apparently, I’m not the only one who’s had this issue. Thanks […]

  • Changing the error policy on a CUPS printer

    The default error policy for printers on CUPS (which Mac OS X uses, and which most Linux systems also use) is stop-printer. You can see information about your printers and error policies by looking at the output of the printers.conf file with this terminal command: sudo cat /etc/cups/printers.conf If you want to get the actual […]

  • Mac “Printing – Unable to get printer status” error

    Can’t say this will work in every situation, but it’s possible that the printing protocol is wrong. If you’re adding via lpadmin and ipp, try lpd or vice versa.

  • Default printer options for Mac OS X

    If you ever want to script default printing options for OS X, these commands should help you out. User: Switching to a default printer instead of the last used printer By default, Mac OS X will make the default printer whatever printer was last used. If you’d like to change that setting for the user, […]

  • One working fix for “filter failed” printer message on a Mac

    There seem to be several “working” (your mileage may vary) fixes for the “filter failed” message when you try to print on a Mac (may happen in Linux, too, since Mac uses CUPS for printing), and they all seem driver-related: ‘Filter’ failed error when printing from EPSON Yosemite and a printer driver that broke The […]

  • How to find the IP address of a printer on a Mac

    If you have a printer already installed on your Mac, but you just want to find the IP address, this is one quick way to do it without printing out a test page and wasting paper / ink. Click on the Apple logo and then select About This Mac. Click on System Report…. In the […]