Allowing non-admin Mac users to resume printers

Apparently, more recent versions of CUPS do not allow by default for non-admin users to resume a printer. I'm not sure the logic behind this. Disabling? Activating? Sure. Non-admins don't need to do those things. Why shouldn't a non-admin resume a print job, though? Apparently, I'm not the only one who's had this issue. Thanks […]

Changing the error policy on a CUPS printer

The default error policy for printers on CUPS (which Mac OS X uses, and which most Linux systems also use) is stop-printer. You can see information about your printers and error policies by looking at the output of the printers.conf file with this terminal command: sudo cat /etc/cups/printers.conf If you want to get the actual […]

Default printer options for Mac OS X

If you ever want to script default printing options for OS X, these commands should help you out. User: Switching to a default printer instead of the last used printer By default, Mac OS X will make the default printer whatever printer was last used. If you'd like to change that setting for the user, […]

One working fix for “filter failed” printer message on a Mac

There seem to be several "working" (your mileage may vary) fixes for the "filter failed" message when you try to print on a Mac (may happen in Linux, too, since Mac uses CUPS for printing), and they all seem driver-related: 'Filter' failed error when printing from EPSON Yosemite and a printer driver that broke The […]