Creating a custom page in PowerSchool for a .csv export

Even though teachers can easily get their own class lists out as an export from Gradebook, and you can also use DDE (Direct Database Export) to get such a list out after having selected the group of students, I thought it'd be nice to have a page that's dedicated to get a .csv out of […]

Making PowerSchool custom pages useful for sophisticated reporting

If you don't want to use PDO on a WAMP server to connect to and report from your PowerSchool database, you may still want to do some sophisticated reporting from PowerSchool's custom pages. Unfortunately, custom pages is a bit of a coarse tool that's also not well documented (in terms of sophisticated reporting—simple reporting has […]

Using PDO on a WAMP server to run PHP reports from PowerSchool

SQL Developer Queries General ODBC Access 🙁 WAMP and PDO Prerequisites Strongly Consider Using SSL Install Drivers Use PDO to Connect to Database This may be a niche setup, but I'm going to try to document it here, in case anyone else is interested in how this gets done. SQL Developer Queries If you are […]

Using Managed Software Center to install software

If you've just installed Managed Software Center (you may have heard someone in the tech department call it Munki), you may not know how to use it. One major use for MSC is to install software. Launch up Managed Software Center. You'll find it in your /Applications folder, but you can also keep it in […]