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  • Restoring a Mac partition to its full size

    Usually, when you add a new partition to a Mac using Disk Utility, you can then just (minus sign) delete the new partition and Disk Utility will automatically expand your first partition to take up the free space. Occasionally, Macs will act weird and not fill up the free space and, more importantly, not let […]

  • Still waiting for root device on an iMac

    I’ve had fairly good luck cloning Macs using Disk Utility and a Thunderbolt cable. Recently I ran into one stubborn one that wouldn’t boot up properly after the re-image. It went straight to a flashing Do Not Enter symbol. That was a bit confusing. Was there a physical connection problem with the drive? I could […]

  • Prevent a partition from mounting at boot time

    Cheating a bit here, because I’m just linking to an excellent blog post on the procedure: OS X Tip: Prevent a Volume From Mounting at Startup It’s very helpful if you’ve set up a Boot Camp dual-boot with Windows, and you don’t want to have the Windows partition automatically mount when you boot into Mac […]