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  • Packaging iWork ’09 for Munki

    In case you have users who miss some of the functionality from iWork ’09 and you happen to still have a copy, you may find useful this little rundown on how I packaged it for Munki. As Greg Neagle mentions in this old Munki Dev mailing list thread, there is a .mpkg file on the…

  • Adding a carriage return within a cell in Numbers

    If you want to do a carriage return within a cell in Numbers (iWork), hit Option-Return on your keyboard. This will not work in Microsoft Excel (Office 2011).

  • Get back the old Numbers default Print View

    One of our users likes to see a print preview by default in Numbers. This was available in the older version of Numbers, but it’s gone from the newer version of Numbers. Unfortunately, the most viable solution for this is just to keep using the old version of Numbers. If you’re complaining about this issue,…