Running a post-uninstall script for a Munki package

Much as I love editing text files and entering commands into, I do also appreciate a good GUI frontend. Apart from munkiimport, I mainly manage Munki using MunkiAdmin, as I referenced in Absolute beginner’s guide to setting up Munki (not monkey). Of course, I got a bit too comfortable with the GUI frontend, and […]

Using MySQL with MunkiReport

By default, MunkiReport uses its own embedded sqlite database, which apparently isn't as robust as MySQL (the sqlite website has more information on sqlite's appropriate uses and limitations). If you are extremely unfamiliar with MySQL databases, you may want to just stick with the default sqlite database until you are. I have a basic tutorial […]

Packaging FileMaker Pro for Munki

If your organization, school, or company has volume licensing for FileMaker Pro and want to make your package Munki-able, this is how you do it (based on Assisted install for FileMaker Pro and FileMaker Pro Advanced). Older: Find your FileMaker installer .mpkg file. This installer file will likely come on a read-only medium (read-only .dmg […]

Munki error “ERROR: Adobe Setup error: 79: Unknown error”

I prepared a nice little Adobe Acrobat Pro package for Munki, and I tried to install it and got this error (ERROR: Adobe Setup error: 79: Unknown error). Turns out, that isn't a Munki error at all: Re: [munki-dev] CS6 package wont install > Adobe Setup Error: 79 It has to do with some processes […]

Manually adding icons to Munki-imported packages

As with all Munki tutorials, this one assumes you already know some Munki basics. If you don't, you might want to start with Absolute beginner's guide to setting up Munki (not monkey). When you use munkiimport to import software packages, it will either find icons automatically or prompt you to try to extract icons from […]

Creating an installation package for a scheduled Adobe Remote Update Manager

This is kind of a dual-purpose Mac tutorial—how to automate Adobe Remote Update Manager and how to create an installation package using a point-and-click graphical interface. Automating Adobe Remote Update Manager You can find the Adobe Remote Update Manager on Adobe's Creative Suite Enterprise Deployment page. Just scroll down a bit until you find it. […]

À la carte Adobe CS6 Master Collection using Munki

Caveats This tutorial assumes you know some Munki basics already. If you don't, check out Absolute beginner’s guide to setting up Munki (not monkey) first. I'm still in the early stages of figuring out different ways to package Adobe CS6 Master Collection (assuming a site license here) using Munki. It isn't seamless, but it generally […]