Setting a signature line for your SI e-mail – Apple Mail edition

If you’d like to set a signature for your SI e-mail and you use Apple’s Mail to view and read your e-mail, open Mail and choose Preferences from the Mail menu.
Click Signatures at the top of the window.
Click the + sign at the bottom of the middle column and give your new signature a name. You’ll note that I have a few… this is because I use different signature lines for students and parents (“Work – Official”), for employees of the school and vendors (“Work – with Cell”), and for when I’m goofing around (“SillyOne”). If you have more than one, you can choose which one you use… and it’s much easier if you give it a name so you can tell them apart.
Now, in the column on the right, type in what you’d like shown for this signature. You can use different fonts, colors… even pictures (copy and paste) in your signature… the Communications Office is asking us to standardize on one that looks like this:
Mr./Ms. YourNameHere
St. Ignatius College Preparatory
2001 37th Avenue
San Francisco, CA 94116
(415) 731-7500 ext. YourExtensionHere
If you’d prefer, you can copy and paste the one above into the right column… You can embellish it as long as you keep in mind that your signature will look different on different computers. I stick with the standard font and color to avoid any weirdness on the other end.
Once you have the signature looking good, you must assign it to your account in the left column by dragging the name of the signature over on top of the particular account in which you’d like to use that particular signature. My work signatures don’t go on my personal accounts (and vice versa), but this gives you the ability to have separate signatures for different accounts.
You can set your signature to go on e-mails automatically by clicking on the account on the left column, then choosing a signature from the “Default Signature” pop-up menu at the bottom of the window.
Once you’re done, close the Signatures window and create a new e-mail. You’ll notice you have a new option on the right side of your messages based on the names you assigned to your signatures:
If you use Gmail’s web interface for your e-mail, there are instructions here.
If you use Outlook for your e-mail, there are instructions here.

iPad Gmail Mail “password missing” error

This randomly happened after we set up a slew of iPads with the same email account (Gmail on Mail), and sending messages put the outgoing message into the Outbox with an error that the password is missing, with the options to Cancel or go to Settings. Going to Settings, though, offers no option to input a password.

You can see here other users frustrated with this problem:
GMAIL Accounts unusable after 8.3 update!

Some workarounds offered are to use the Gmail app or to add Gmail as an Exchange account (if you're using Google Apps and not a regular home Gmail account).

The workaround we employed was to double-click the home button, swipe away the Mail application, and then launch it up again. After a minute or so, there would be an error about the missing password again. This time, though, the prompt for Settings would take you to a screen to enter the password.

Very odd issue.