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  • Cloning an image using Thunderbolt and Disk Utility

    Why would you do this? It’s fast. Over Thunderbolt, cloning a roughly 30 GB (of used space) image takes only a few minutes. Minimal additional cost. Sure, you probably paid money for your Macs, but this method uses only included software… and one US$40 cable. No external media or extra setup. You don’t have to…

  • Deleting Mac Keychains in an Active Directory Environment

    Update: The easiest way to do this is actually to install Offset and then put a RemoveLastUserKeychains script into /usr/local/offset/logout-every (make sure it’s owned by root:wheel and has 755 permissions). What’s the problem? If you’re in a primarily or exclusively Mac environment, but you’re managing logins through Active Directory, password changes on the AD level…

  • VPN Instructions

    For internal use only (sorry, general public): Windows Mac