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  • Getting started with pygame on a Mac

    There are a lot of pygame tutorials out there, but I haven’t yet found a simple, step-by-step how-to on how to just get pygame installed on a Mac, and then actually use it. So, hopefully, this will work for you. This example was done using Macs running OS X 10.10 (Yosemite). Your mileage may vary. […]

  • Movie projects disappear after iMovie upgrade

    When you upgrade to the new iMovie, there’s a quick prompt to update your old iMovie projects, but if you dismissed that and don’t know how to go back and update again… Go to File > Update Projects and Events…More info at Apple: Update projects and events from previous versions of iMovie in iMovie (2014)

  • Fix for disk erase failed couldn’t unmount disk

    If you’re trying on a Mac using Disk Utility to erase a hard drive and it won’t unmount, giving you an error similar to Disk erase failed. Couldn’t unmount disk, then you may have to force an unmount through the terminal. Launch up Terminal.app (through /Applications/Utilities or through a Spotlight search). Then paste in the […]

  • Running sudo commands in Automator

    If you’re wondering how to run sudo (for privilege escalation) commands in Automator, this is one way to do it. Launch up Automator (of course). Find Run AppleScript in the library of actions. Then, drag it over to the workflow area on the right. By default, Automator will put in some script structure for you […]

  • Fix ownership of copied folders for Active Directory Macs

    Warning This script does some serious system modifications. If you don’t know what you’re doing, ask questions in the comments. Don’t just run this script if you don’t understand what it does or how it’s doing it. This also assumes short usernames match up with user folder names, which they usually do. What issue this […]

  • How to find the IP address of a printer on a Mac

    If you have a printer already installed on your Mac, but you just want to find the IP address, this is one quick way to do it without printing out a test page and wasting paper / ink. Click on the Apple logo and then select About This Mac. Click on System Report…. In the […]

  • Authentication failed on changing admin accounts for ARD machine

    I encountered an odd thing. I had ARD set to remote into a few workstations. I was doing some account cleanup on them and changed the admin accounts. In System Preferences Sharing, I still had it that all admins could remote in, but after deleting an admin account and adding a new one, I couldn’t […]

  • Get back the old Numbers default Print View

    One of our users likes to see a print preview by default in Numbers. This was available in the older version of Numbers, but it’s gone from the newer version of Numbers. Unfortunately, the most viable solution for this is just to keep using the old version of Numbers. If you’re complaining about this issue, […]

  • /System/Library/Keychains empty… and repercussions

  • Getting Started with Munki (not monkey)