Using ffmpeg to trim video

No real tutorial here, just a link to a great resource on this via Stack Overflow:
Cutting the videos based on start and end time using ffmpeg

Cutting with ffmpeg takes a lot less longer than rendering out via iMovie, and it results in a similarly sized output file instead of a giant one

P.S. My boss just showed me how you can do this in Quicktime with Edit > Trim. Much easier!

Bulk-extracting and combining audio from .mov to .mp3

If you aren't able to use an audio recording app on your iPad for whatever reason and need to resort to using the Camera app to record audio (long story), you will get a bunch of .MOV files.

So I wrote up a script that employs ffmpeg to extract just the audio from each file in a subdirectory, and then combine the separate audio files from that subdirectory into one audio file.

Script here: