Filling out a Google Form from the terminal using the curl command

Cheating a bit here by just linking to someone else's blog post, but it's very well written, with screenshots and different colors. Why reinvent the wheel? Here it is: Submit Google Forms By Curl Command

Renaming a Mac hard drive from the command line

You know, if your hard drives are set to show as icons on the desktop, you can rename them by selecting them, hitting Enter, and then typing in a new name? If you want to script naming, you can also name from the command line. For example, if you want to rename the drive you're […]

Terminal command to change a user password on a Mac

Update May, 2019 Now that there are SecureToken users, the command below no longer works to reset another user's password. Thanks to mario on the MacAdmins Slack for testing. Acknowledgements Just a cleaned-up version of directions from Mac Script to change Administrator password Changing a user password via terminal command If you ever want to—perhaps […]

Running a post-uninstall script for a Munki package

Much as I love editing text files and entering commands into, I do also appreciate a good GUI frontend. Apart from munkiimport, I mainly manage Munki using MunkiAdmin, as I referenced in Absolute beginner’s guide to setting up Munki (not monkey). Of course, I got a bit too comfortable with the GUI frontend, and […]

Running sudo commands in Automator

If you're wondering how to run sudo (for privilege escalation) commands in Automator, this is one way to do it. Launch up Automator (of course). Find Run AppleScript in the library of actions. Then, drag it over to the workflow area on the right. By default, Automator will put in some script structure for you […]

Fix ownership of copied folders for Active Directory Macs

Warning This script does some serious system modifications. If you don't know what you're doing, ask questions in the comments. Don't just run this script if you don't understand what it does or how it's doing it. This also assumes short usernames match up with user folder names, which they usually do. What issue this […]