Setting up Nagios on Ubuntu 16.04 (Xenial)

The best guide I found for installing Nagios on Ubuntu 16.04 (Xenial) was How To Install Nagios on Ubuntu 16.04, with only a couple of amendments. First of all, it's not using the absolute latest version of Nagios or the Nagios plugins. And secondly, it's missing a command in terms of untarring the downloaded Nagios.

So, as of this writing, the first part of step #4 should be:

cd /tmp
wget -c
tar -zxvf nagios-4.2.1.tar.gz
cd /tmp/nagios-4.2.1
and, similarly, the third part of step #4 should be:
cd /tmp
wget -c
tar xzf nagios-plugins-2.1.3.tar.gz
cd /tmp/nagios-plugins-2.1.3
./configure --with-nagios-user=nagios --with-nagios-group=nagios
make install

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