Packaging Starry Night College for Munki

The following tutorial is just a more step-by-step version of Multiple guest users on one PC – How to register Starry Night, and with Munki in mind.

Find the Starry Night app in your /Applications folder, right-click it, and select Show Package Contents.

Then, go to Contents > Resources > Sky Data > Resources and find the p.ssd file.

Open up the p.ssd file with a text editor. I’d highly recommend a custom text editor like TextWrangler instead of Mac OS X’s built-in TextEdit.

At the bottom of the text file, paste in the following two lines:

<SN_VALUE name=”LicenseeName” value=”Username“>
<SN_VALUE name=”LicenseNumber” value=”Registration Number“>
and replace Username with your actual licensed username and Registration Number with your actual licensed registration number.

Then save and close the file.

Go ahead and do a munkiimport on the Starry Night app. The developer is Simulation Curriculum Corp.

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