Packaging Adobe Acrobat for Windows from Adobe CS6 Master Collection

It’s fairly straightforward to make à la carte packages for Mac using AAMEE if you have a site license. I thought it’d be equally straightforward to do so for Windows as well. There is one exception—Adobe Acrobat Pro.

Every time I tried to install it based on the build, the installer would just die in the middle. After doing some digging online, I found the recommendation to put in some cryptic command to get it to install. That appeared to get it installed, but then the program wouldn’t launch because it was missing Adobe Application Manager.

Turns out you have to bundle it with at least one other Creative Suite component in order for the installation to work. In other words, it can’t be just Adobe Acrobat Pro. It has to be Adobe Acrobat and Adobe Photoshop (or Illustrator or InDesign). And then you’d have to uninstall the other component later, if you wanted to have only Adobe Acrobat Pro installed.

Very odd, especially since—with the same kind of site license—Mac packaging of Adobe Acrobat Pro by itself works just fine.

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