Opening .wps Files without using WordPerfect

Very rarely, you may get a .wps (WordPerfect) file as an attachment instead of a .pdf, .docx, or .pages file. You can ask the sender to re-send it in another format, or you can pay WordPerfect US$220 to install WordPerfect to open one attachment… or you can try to open the .wps file.

Won’t work in Google Drive

Google Drive won’t open .wps files or convert them to Google Doc files.

Won’t work in Microsoft Word

Opening it with Word by right-clicking the file and selecting Word doesn’t work.

And selecting the file from within Word also doesn’t work…

… you’ll get some options to try to interpret the file or get some readable text out of it, but it’ll mainly turn out gobbledygook.

Won’t work in Page

Pages won’t open .wps files.

It does work in LibreOffice!!!

Here’s the solution: if you don’t want to discard the attachment or have the sender re-send in another format, open the .wps file in LibreOffice. The formatting may not be exactly the same as in WordPerfect, but it will be pretty close.

And the best part is that LibreOffice is cross-platform (it works on Mac, Windows, and Linux).

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