Importing Scratch 2 Offline Editor into Munki

Munki is fairly good at recognizing things for import. If you have a .dmg with a .app inside, it will, by default, make it so the .app gets copied to the /Applications folder. If you have a .dmg with a .pkg, it will know to run the .pkg to install the item. If you have a .pkg by itself, same deal. If you have a .mobileconfig file, it will import that as a profile.

But sometimes developers decide they want to make an, which is a bit annoying to deal with, because users (and Mac admins) typically have no idea what the does.

Scratch 2 Offline Editor has one of these files inside of its downloadable .dmg called Install Scratch

Oddly enough, it doesn’t seem to need to run at all in order for Scratch 2 to be usable. All you have to do is copy the Scratch 2 folder inside and rename with an .app extension, and then that launches just fine.

For example:

/bin/cp -R /Volumes/Install\ Scratch\ 2/Install\ Scratch\\ 2 ~/Downloads/Scratch\
/usr/local/munki/munkiimport ~/Downloads/Scratch\

I created Scratch 2 AutoPkg recipes for .download and .munki to automate the process.

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