How to create a custom live/installer disk image for Ubuntu 15.10

This tutorial is out of date

For the more up-to-date version, go here.

This post is a sequel to How to create a custom live/installer disk image for Ubuntu 14.04.3 (Trusty Tahr). Remastersys does not appear to have any packages compatible with the newest version of Ubuntu. I looked into Respin but couldn’t get anything working with it.

Another fork called Pinguy Builder appears to be up-to-date and operate a lot like Remastersys did.

Install Pinguy Builder

First, make sure your repositories’ contents are up to date:

sudo apt-get update
Then make a temporary directory to hold some .deb files:
mkdir temp
Change to focus on that directory:
cd temp
If you’re using the 64-bit version of Ubuntu, use this command to download xresprobe (which would otherwise be an unmet dependency software package):
wget -c
If you’re using the 32-bit version of Ubuntu, use this command to download xresprobe:
wget -c
Use this command to download version 4 of Pinguy Builder:
wget -c
Install all the .deb files in this folder (should be only two):
sudo dpkg -i *.deb
You’ll get some error messages about unmet dependencies. The next command should fix all that:
sudo apt-get -f install
Go up one directory:
cd ..
Remove the temporary directory you created before:
rmdir temp

Note: All the above installation steps can be done through the GUI if you know how to navigate around, you can download those packages manually and then use gDebi to install the packages and dependencies.

Use Pinguy Builder

pinguy01 Once Pinguy Builder is installed, you should be able to find it in the menus.

pinguy02 If you want to use one user’s settings and files as a template for the default user, click Select next to User, whose current settings will be used as default.

Feel free to customize anything else you want.

When you’re done customizing, click Dist to make your live/installer disk image.

pinguy03 When the .iso is complete, you’ll find it in /home/PinguyBuilder/PinguyBuilder.

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