Fixing a broken MDM on OS X Server with Profile Manager

If you’re getting errors like Websites are turned off. An administrator can turn them on using the Server application or the configuration for your ipad could not be downloaded invalid profile, try Reset Apache In OS X Server To Factory Defaults and then turn Websites and Profile Manager back on.

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  1. Thanks. Unfortunately I am encountering an error when I reset Apache. I got a web:error in hex which translates to:

    bplist00Ô%&X$versionX$objectsY$archiverT$top† ¨”U$nullÔ

    VNSCodeZNSUserInfoXNSDomainV$class€€€_NSCocoaErrorDomainÓWNS.keysZNS.objects¡€¡€€_NSDebugDescription_4connection to service namedÒ Z$classnameX$classesNSDictionary¢!XNSObjectÒ#$WNSError¢#!_NSKeyedArchiverÑ'(Troot€#-27@FOVajqtvxz–ž©«­¯±³Èÿ%(16>ASV[)]

    Any idea what this means?

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