Fix Evernote sticky notes for Windows remembering a ton of empty windows

We have a Windows user who uses Evernote Sticky Notes, and a whole bunch of blank notes would appear (at least 20 of them) every time the application was launched (at login), and they would have to be manually closed.

I thought renaming the Evernote folders in C:\Users\username\AppData would fix it, but that did nothing.

Turns out the remembered notes are in the registry. So I copied the contents of the notes temporarily to Notepad, ran regedit.exe and then deleted HKEY_CURRENT_USER\Software\EDO-Soft\Sticky Notes.

Relaunched Evernote Sticky Notes, created new notes for the legitimate (not blank) notes I’d previously copied to Notepad, and that fixed it. Quitting out of Evernote Sticky Notes and relaunching it brought back only the new notes and not the numerous blank ones.

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