Creating a Symantec Endpoint Protection package for Munki

Thanks to Erik from the Munki Dev group for the tip.

If you have a newer version of Symantec Endpoint Protection (SEP) that comes as an .app with a separate Additional Resources folder, here is how you can get a Munki-friendly package out of it.

Go ahead and launch up the installer .app file.

Click Continue when prompted.

Don’t proceed any further with the installation. Instead, click on the Tool menu and select Create remote deployment package.

Give the package a name and save it to wherever you can find it later.

Then, click OK when you’re done and quit out of the installer.

You should then be able to use munkiimport to import the new .pkg file into your Munki repository.

If you’re upgrading from an older version of SEP, you may have to adjust what Munki is looking for (otherwise, it will see the com.remote.deploy receipt with version 0 and think the newest version is already installed).

An installs array works well for this (here’s an example based on

makepkginfo -f /Applications/Symantec\ Solutions/Symantec\ Endpoint\
<string>Symantec Endpoint Protection</string>
<string>/Applications/Symantec Solutions/Symantec Endpoint</string>

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