Clearing the Munki client download cache

This rarely happens (in fact, in the year I’ve been using Munki so far, this has happened only once), but you may once in a blue moon get a corrupted download (especially for a large installer). Here is an example of what that looks like:

Mounting disk image ExtremelyLargePackage-1.2.dmg…
ERROR: Error: “hdiutil: attach failed – image data corrupted” while mounting ExtremelyLargePackage-1.2.dmg.
ERROR: No mountable filesystems on ExtremelyLargePackage-1.2.dmg
Unfortunately, once a corrupt package makes its way into the cache, checking again doesn’t seem to clear it out and re-download.

So go to /Library/Managed Installs/Cache, where you should find the corrupt download. Re-do your managedsoftwareupdate check and a new, uncorrupted download should start.

Note: as far as I can tell, Munki will clear out the cache once downloads are successfully installed, so you shouldn’t have to manually clear out the cache unless you run into this unlikely situation.

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