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  • Getting Started with Munki (not monkey)

  • Create an auto-logoff script for Windows 7

    One Use Case I’m not really sure how useful this is to other folks, but we’re in a primarily Mac environment and have a Windows computer joined to Active Directory that’s handy to use for people’s password changes. Once people have changed their passwords… no need to be logged in any more, so this just […]

  • Enable AirDrop on wired connections

    AirDrop for wireless only by default By default, Apple enables AirDrop only for wireless and not for wired connections. So if you’d like to enable AirDrop for wired connections, launch up the (which you can find in Applications > Utilities), and then paste in one of the following two commands. Command for only the […]

  • Cloning an image using Thunderbolt and Disk Utility

    Why would you do this? It’s fast. Over Thunderbolt, cloning a roughly 30 GB (of used space) image takes only a few minutes. Minimal additional cost. Sure, you probably paid money for your Macs, but this method uses only included software… and one US$40 cable. No external media or extra setup. You don’t have to […]

  • Acer Monitor and Mac Computer

    We had a bit of trouble at first getting some Acer K272HUL monitors to work with some Macs on campus, and Google searches came up with threads like this, which offered some helpful tips, but not a full solution. So if you happen to have an Acer K272HUL (or perhaps a similar model) and some […]

  • Deleting Mac Keychains in an Active Directory Environment

    Update: The easiest way to do this is actually to install Offset and then put a RemoveLastUserKeychains script into /usr/local/offset/logout-every (make sure it’s owned by root:wheel and has 755 permissions). What’s the problem? If you’re in a primarily or exclusively Mac environment, but you’re managing logins through Active Directory, password changes on the AD level […]

  • VPN Instructions

    For internal use only (sorry, general public): Windows Mac