Author: Alan Siu

  • How to find the IP address of a printer on a Mac

    If you have a printer already installed on your Mac, but you just want to find the IP address, this is one quick way to do it without printing out a test page and wasting paper / ink. Click on the Apple logo and then select About This Mac. Click on System Report…. In the […]

  • Authentication failed on changing admin accounts for ARD machine

    I encountered an odd thing. I had ARD set to remote into a few workstations. I was doing some account cleanup on them and changed the admin accounts. In System Preferences Sharing, I still had it that all admins could remote in, but after deleting an admin account and adding a new one, I couldn’t […]

  • Reset Printing System on Mac

    If you’re having printing issues with multiple printers (not just one or two), you may want to reset the printing system (Warning: this will remove your installed printers, and you’ll have to install them again). Go to System Preferences. Select Printers & Scanners. Right-click on a printer and then select Reset printing system…. Re-add the […]

  • Get back the old Numbers default Print View

    One of our users likes to see a print preview by default in Numbers. This was available in the older version of Numbers, but it’s gone from the newer version of Numbers. Unfortunately, the most viable solution for this is just to keep using the old version of Numbers. If you’re complaining about this issue, […]

  • /System/Library/Keychains empty… and repercussions

  • Exporting GarageBand to Google Drive on the iPad

    When you try to share a GarageBand project out from the iPad, the immediately apparent options may include only Facebook, SoundCloud, and YouTube (yes, even if you select the More option). If you want to export your project to Google Drive, you may have to take a few extra steps. Select your project by either […]

  • Adding a fax number to iOS contacts

    It’s not super obvious how to add a fax number to a contact in iOS (iPad/iPhone). When you edit a contact and add a new number, the only two immediately apparent options are home and work. If you tap on one of them, you’ll some hidden options appear, including home fax and work fax.

  • Getting Started with Munki (not monkey)

  • Create an auto-logoff script for Windows 7

    One Use Case I’m not really sure how useful this is to other folks, but we’re in a primarily Mac environment and have a Windows computer joined to Active Directory that’s handy to use for people’s password changes. Once people have changed their passwords… no need to be logged in any more, so this just […]

  • Enable AirDrop on wired connections

    AirDrop for wireless only by default By default, Apple enables AirDrop only for wireless and not for wired connections. So if you’d like to enable AirDrop for wired connections, launch up the (which you can find in Applications > Utilities), and then paste in one of the following two commands. Command for only the […]