5 thoughts on “Adding a carriage return within a cell in Numbers”

  1. How do I set this so return automatically goes to the next line in a cell? I have two numbers spreadsheets and one does this by default, and the other goes to the next cell when I hit return.

  2. I’ve never seen that behavior (automatically going to the next line within a cell). Return has always gone to the next cell for me.

  3. Uncheck “return key moves to the next cell” here:
    Inspector/Table Inspector/Table Options (located down at the bottom) – uncheck this.

      1. Me, either! It is infuriating!? I was forced to purchase a new iMac yesterday (thank you, built-in obsolescence) and the new version of Numbers I’m now fumbling through has removed the “Return key moves down within cell” tick box. NOW I’m forced to awkwardly use the OPTION key PLUS the RETURN key to achieve what was one keystroke before.

        Epic fail, Apple.

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